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12AX7/ECC83 Tungsram 12AX7/ECC83T
Tungsram tube ECC83, Pro/Comm branded.
Tungsram tube ECC83, Pro/Comm branded.
ECC83 vacuum tube Tungsram from Hungary. Has the metal stamped clip, Pro/Comm distributor boxed. This tube is very open sounding, moderately warm and very transparent.It has some of the best most precise imaging we have heard! See customer comments below. Many like this better than the venerable Mullard. Great audio and guitar tube! We match on 2 tubes or more. Low noise and micro phonics tested. "T is for Tungsram and thanks to Ken Chait I have at last got a pre-amp triode which really delivers. Before KC I was a Mullard man through and through due in the main to their obvious pedigree and the fact that in the UK they were in abundant supply. Added to this was the consistency in all their overall frequency response and channel balance. They also outlasted the then current competition of Brimar and Mazda for example. In contemporary sound systems the softer treble of a Mullard tended to iron out peaks in HF loudspeaker drivers and gave richness to the tone which appeared 'nice' to most listeners. Initially the Tungsram appeared to be a mixed bag. Highs and middles were exemplary but it appeared lacking in bass compared to a Mullard. Obviously this valve had form but where had the bass gone ? I have learnt through bitter and sometimes very expensive experience that it is fatal to react too quickly to a change however small in your system. Minor changes are nearly always subtle in their effect. Changing a valve is easy but it must settle in and it took the Tungsram at least forty eight hours to do just this. By then the balance of the valve had altered to one of sheer neutrality. The top end was a revelation - as keen as a razor and yet controlled and never splashy. The midrange was balanced and open. The bass was both accurate and extended with positive articulation. The soundstage was laid out with far more vertical information than a Mullard and errors in source material could now be attributed to the recording engineer or mixing process rather than the replay system. Productions took on a neutral balance compared to their previous domination by frequency extremes. Any valve manufactured in Eastern Europe generally elicits a reaction that it cannot be any good and is inferior to a Mullard,Brimar,Amperex et al. My view is that any triode which sounds this good is a good one irrespective of what is printed on the glass. This Tungsram is the best ECC83 triode I have ever heard." CS, UK I intend to purchase some more before they have all gone. The alternative does not bear hearing about.


Manufactured by:Tungsram, Hungary

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Description 12AX7/ECC83 Tungsram 12AX7/ECC83T

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